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Band Banquet

I just got an e-mail that said that the band banquet was moved to MAy 17. Can anyone confirm this for me?

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hmm wha? that's mine and my sista's birthday!!!
i got an e-mail that said so, but i'm hoping (not cause it's your b-day) that it is, cause there are a couple of us that have that play (101 ways) on may 12.
i think that was a misprint because Mr. Bowers was going down to the wherever you go to get the auditorium reserved lol like at lunch or something, to put down may 12.. but i replied to that email and asked, and ill ask him tomorrow
Hello from Emilea, clarinet section leader from CMHS. Even though we're not too fond of another particular Charleston-area band (haha), we love you guys. Hope to see you next season. What's your show? Western here.
Cabell Midland??? AHHH! You all rock. I've been talk to this dude Chris who used to go to CM who was a tuba player and he said that you all loved us. Anyways, I would answer your what's our show question, but I'm not exactly sure what it's called.